Saturday, March 28, 2009

Distance relationships are easy

This weekend has been a weekend of failure. Sarah lost a battle with her economics midterm, I turned homemade gnocchi into a boiled pile of mashed potatoes, and the Animal Collective show was sold out last night. To top it all off, I probably will not accomplish any of the work I hoped to get ahead on today either. At least I get to hang out with Sarah in Dublin...but I mean it's a pretty weak consolation prize at this point. Movie-star looks, a sense of humor that reaches any audience, dance moves that should land her a spot in Lil Jon's next music video...

What's there to like? She is so lame, she's actually making me an ice cream sundae in the kitchen right now - that I didn't ask for! She knows I am allergic to chocolate syrup! I don't know how much longer I can take this.


  1. ew i just threw up in my mouth a little. stop being Penn State class couple 2010.

    Sarah needs more freedom to commit herself to the dancing career, anyway.

  2. i hope that didnt come off as rude. I was kidding. you two are cutey cute cute. Like little baby bunnies who film one another dancing. just picture that!

  3. i'm not really offended but think about Kevin! you KNOW that he and I are actually class couple 2010, what if he sees this?

    you are right about dancing career freedom though, we are working it out.