Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Workin' on my fitness

Going to the gym here is so much easier than going to the gym back home. I don't really work out at home ever, despite the fact that I used to live across the street from the a gym. I always felt like everyone was stronger than me (likely true) and everyone was watching me struggle with confusing equipment (likely untrue), so I would just sit and play Super Smash Brothers instead and not really regret it because let's be honest, knocking your opponent clear off the screen with a fully-connected PK Thunder is way more satisfying than doing a sit-up. Furthermore, everytime I went to the gym I always seemed to get on the bench next to the militant athlete who was screaming and lifting about 400 pounds, and that was intimidating. Most of my concerns and fears about the gym were definitely irrational, but living in Galway has helped me overcome my laziness and now I have worked the brand new Kingfisher Sports Center into my weekly routine. It feels less threatening and less embarrassing, and today I was trying to think of why I feel that way here.

+ First of all, Irish people are way more relaxed when it comes to sports and physical fitness, so I automatically feel like I am in better shape. My roommates are perfect examples of this, one of whom rewards himself after his monthly 2k jog with a cigarette and a can of Tuborg.

+ Second, nearly all guys at the gym wear board shorts. At first I thought this was the dumbest thing ever, but then I realized this is very efficient! After your (uncomfortable) lifting/running sesh, you can hop right in the pool or sit in the sauna without having to change in between. In reality however, it is a silly idea, and I feel much more athletic and appropriately dressed when I step foot in the weight room.

+ Third, everything is in kilograms. This helps me because I cannot compare myself to anyone in my past who has ever mentioned how much they lift unless I actually go convert the units.

+ Fourth, the treadmills have a hookup for your iPod and headphones so I can plug in and listen to all my sick workout jams!

+ Fifth, and most importantly, I have developed a buddy system with my friends, who frequently go with me and motivate me to not be lazy, even if it is just using the sauna.

Of course, I still have the body of a 16-year old boy and sometimes get pushed over by strong wind gusts, but it's a start, and it feels good to finally have worked this into my routine. Maybe by the time I get back to the states I'll have gained 5 pounds of pure muscle mass! Until then, I'm going to shower and check myself out in the mirror for a while. And then I might change my facebook default picture to a shot of just my abs. Cheers.


  1. haha, good post with good labels.

    i am heartbroken to learn that THAT awful song and my favorite, everytime we touch, come from the same person.

  2. also, i think your clock is set to utah time

  3. you're right, i should switch it

    and get ready for next semester because i can run a 5k everyday like its my job! we will be doing marathons together!

  4. I, also, have a gym membership. I hereby challenge you to an arm wrestling match to take place when we next meet. The winner will ascend directly to manhood, and the loser will have to do dishes for a week. Randomized drug testing will be performed.

    The real question is will we continue to work out once we get back, or will we succumb to the temptation of naps and the wii?

  5. i forgot to mention that 90% of why i go to the gym is because the wii is not here

  6. Please say cheers when you get back to the US. Thanks.

  7. I am not working out at no stinkin' gym when we come over - our workouts will be strictly involve drinking.

  8. hahahahahahahahaha
    sometimes i try to jog around lumbisí with kelsey but the crazy dogs get all excited and chase us and attack us so i'm kind of too afraid.
    miss you!

  9. Let me get this right, you have a sauna buddy?